binnyyy asked:
holy crap. you're blog is beautiful. loveee your photography. and Switchfoot is my absolute favorite band. I'm Brittany. It's great to have found your tumblr :)

hello, brittany! it’s nice to meet you. thank you very much for your kind words. i am glad we share the same love for switchfoot. haha. and your blog is pretty awesome, too! :]

Anonymous asked:
your photos are so amazing! especially the most recent one with switchfoot lyrics on it! you have great taste in music!

thank you so much! i love that you love my work. and switchfoot is one of my favorite bands to ever exist. i mean, what’s not to love about them!

thrive - switchfoot.
july 2012.
yes, that is bear rinehart. on stage with switchfoot. they covered tom petty. it was a glorious time, and i am so glad i got to be there! more photos coming soon!
december 3rd, 2011.
charleston, sc.
switchfoot at the music farm in charleston, south carolina.
december 2011.